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DMK Skin Revision & Specialised Skin Treatments

DMK is the only company in the world to utilise transfer messenger enzymes in their masques.  These enzymes trigger all the enzymatic processes in the skin that are necessary for healthy, beautiful skin that is functioning as it should be.

Most cosmetic facials merely act on the surface of the skin, smoothing the surface.  DMK Enzyme Treatments work 'within' the skin to reduce inflammation (the cause of ALL unwanted skin conditions), strengthen the structural integrity and create a healthy environment for skin cells to live and thrive in, thereby correcting skin conditions at their core.

DMK have treatment protocols for treating ALL skin conditions:

  • Rosacea

  • Acne

  • Ageing

  • Fine Lines/Wrinkles

  • Pigmentation


An exfoliating treatment to gently resurface the skin.  Refreshes tired dull skin, unclogging pores, softening scars, fine lines and improving circulation. Treatment includes cleanse, mask, serums, moisturiser and sunscreen.

LED Light Therapy Treatments

LED Light therapy and micro-currents are used to improve the tone and texture of the skin, restoring facial contours and improving the skin's elasticity.  

Treatments are suitable for anti-ageing, uneven skin tone, redness and minor acne.  LED Light therapy can be added to any other facial treatment to enhance the results.

Intense Pulsed Light & Hair Removal

Unwanted Hair?  I have solutions for all your unwanted hair problems!


I offer a FREE 15 minute consultation service to discuss your individual concerns and I will recommend the most suitable and cost effective method for you.


Elos IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a permanent method of reducing unwanted hair on any part of the face or body.  It is safe for most skin types, including dark skins.  

Electrolysis is another method of permanent hair removal and it is currently the only proven method for treating blonde or grey hair.  I use the Blend Method, sterile disposable needles and gloves.

Waxing is a temporary but very effective method of removing hair.  For your safety, disposable wax, gloves and spatulae are used.

Oncology Aesthetics

Oncology Aesthetics is a relatively new and highly specialised area of skin care providing services to cancer patients while they are undergoing treatment or post treatment.  I am one of only a small number of qualified Oncology Aestheticians in New Zealand and our focus is not to interfere with medical protocols and we advise clients to always follow the guidelines of their medical advisors.

Being certified in Oncology Aesthetics means we understand the special needs of those who have undergone or are currently going through oncology treatment.  Many clients experience dramatic changes in their skin and we can help them deal with these changes and find their 'new  normal' in skincare.  Through our intensive training we know which treatments we can and cannot do and how to safely perform them.

Product knowledge is also very important when dealing with health compromised skin.  Our goal is to provide relaxing treatments to soothe, hydrate, balance and clam the skin while also providing some much needed TLC and time out in a quiet caring environment.

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